When winter comes to its end, it is time to prepare your skis for putting them out for summer. Too often at the end of the season we don’t take care of our winter equipment , without storing it properly for the next season. A good storage and maintenance of your equipment guarantees a longer life, a better level of safety and performance always at the top.
How to correctly store and to maintain your ATK bindings to come prepared to the first snowfalls 20|21?
1. A good start is to carefully clean the bindings  using a soft cloth and distilled water to remove as much dirt as possible before storing them ; do not use spears or harsh chemical solvents
2. Proceed with a few simple routine maintenance operations:

– Front brake: check the correct activation / proceed with the lubrication

– Check the status of thef brake caps

– Lubricate the heel piece

– Set the heel release values to minimum

– Rear brakes : check the correct operation /  proceed with the lubrication

3. Finally, place the skis in a dry and sheltered environment, with the toe always closed in skiing mode and the heel in the downhill position in order to preserve the elasticity of the springs; avoid excessive heat sources.

At the beginning of the winter season, before using your equipment again, we remind you to:

  • re-set the correct release values
  • check the correct distance between the back metal insert of the boot and the vertical face of the heel part included in between the 2 hooking pins using the 4 mm spacer provided with the binding
  • make a thorough check up (and any extraordinary maintenance operations) performed by your trusted official ATK dealer 

Once you have done a correct check-up you will be able to fully enjoy your summer adventures and be ready with your top material so as not to miss even a moment of the next ski mountaineering season.

For any doubt we are at your disposal:

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