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A complete and innovative range designed to meet the needs of all the most demanding skiers, from the World Cup athlete looking for ease of use and extreme lightness, to the most extreme freerider for whom the equipment must give top performance even downhill.





Born from a genuine passion handed down from generation to generation, ATK BINDINGS® products have built their identity on excellence, maximum reliability and unique lightness. The entire production process, from the concept to the finished product, is realized by italian ingenuity and craftsmanship, as a guarantee of the highest quality standards, innovation and design.


100% of the production of the ATK BINDINGS® range takes place in our headquarters in Fiorano Modenese, in the middle of a very technologically advanced area. The production department is equipped with the most advanced C.N.C. machinery as a guarantee of the maximum precision necessary to follow the strict values ​​imposed by our engineers and designers: numerical control machines, automations to create essential pieces from a single metal block, without bending or welding, with maximum reliability, and the unmatched lightness that has made the ATK BINDINGS® brand famous all over the world.

Know How

ATK® invests most of its revenues in research and development, international patents and innovative production techniques. An attitude to innovation made of forward-looking and responsible investments, in the name of a sustainable culture; these are the guidelines that accompany the quality and creativity of all ATK BINDINGS® projects.


is our strength

Our bindings are realized with the best quality and the highest technology standards in order to reach unique performances in terms of lightness, results and user-experience.

However, an intense and prolonged use could lead to the need of an official ATK® SERVICE, directly realized by our technicians in Fiorano Modenese.

In case that your bindings require assistance, contact us! Our technicians will answer you within 24 hours driving you to the fastest solution possible.


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