ATK® was born in FIORANO MODENESE (MODENA, ITALY), a highly technological industrial district, in the middle of the Italian Motor Valley, where innovation and high quality mechanical components are engineered, developed, manufactured and exported  all around the world.

ATK® was founded by Indulti family, the direct owner of OFFICINA GIMEC GROUP specialized in high precision mechanical products for over 20 years. This entity provided  the necessary financial resources, technology and logistics to start-up  the ATK® new adventure.

It was a very fast growing: within two years (2008), ATK RACE® became the Ski Mountaineering World Champion with DENNIS BROUND and MANFRED REICHEGGER.

Actually ATK® is one of the leading companies in the World in the production of materials for ski mountaineering, challenging every day to bring to the world market the right products at the right moment, bringing on exclusive technical evolutions in a very short time including several internationally extended patents.


Research, innovation and service are the keys that have opened the door to success for ATK RACE®, which has been able to offer the market the right products at the right time, generating hundreds of technical developments in a very short time, as well as dozens of patents many extended globally, always and always oriented to the pursuit of perfection of performance and extreme lightness, the essence of modern ski mountaineering.


Starting from the high performance standards and quality required in the world of competions, ATK RACE® decided in recent years to extend its target market and to address its products to the wider world of modern ski touring and free-ride in order to increase, season by season,  the satisfaction of more and more end-users.

Commitment, passion, and endless research are the guidelines of my mission and that one of our team: elevate your feelings to the next level.

Giovanni Indulti



We are used to act, at least much more to act than to talk: we daily challenge ourselves to reduce the environmental impact of our production.
The ATK® production is fully realized with GREEN-ENERGY thanks to the huge solar plant that was installed on the productive plants and covers 100% of the energy needs of the company; at the same time 20 INNOVATIVE SOLAR TUBES have been installed to drop the solar light into the productive plants, providing natural light for better working conditions, and cutting down again our need of energy; all the night-time illumination is provided by LED stripes, with which we replaced the old Neon tubes ( -50% energy waste ).

Warming and Cooling actions of all the company are driven by an innovative system made of a 3 cylinder Toyota engine which uses methane: the result is 50% reduction in costs and 80% in environmental impacts, thanks to the starting investment that was nearly 3 times over a standard system.

The last investment that the ATK® board promoted in this field was concluded in the late January 2016: we installed a unique system which collects the hot air coming from the productive machineries, cleans it, and spreads it into the several building areas, almost deleting the need of rooms heating.



ATK® invests over 80% of its net incomings in research, patents and innovative productive techniques, such as testing machineries and low impact buildings.
Our R&D department produced over 30 national and international patents in the last five years, and the most of those are applied to our new collection.
Our bindings are fully produced in Fiorano Modenese with the latest C.N.C. techniques and machinery, in order to offer and absolute precision with the lightest weight possible: the riding experience is always on the top of our mission.
Connected to this, we are extremely proud to announce that 100% of this know-how, innovation and investment in technology are self-supported by the company, this gives even more value to the goals that we reach and let us free to keep our own direction, without no contaminations from the outside.