3 different modes of use:
1. Preparation of the ski edges
2. Maintenance and waxing of the ski
3. Mounting and servicing pf bindings


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WORKSTATION is the ingenious invention of the ATK® house, a complete tool for the assembly and maintenance of all skis with pin -tech bindings, easily assembled/disassembled with just the use of the hands, in a few seconds.

ATK Workstation can be an important help not only for professionals, shopkeepers, workshops, but also private individuals, ski clubs, mountain guides.  It is a tool
easy to carry (in a practical bag supplied as standard that can be put on the shoulder) and immediate to assemble that in the Top version is essential to be able to work easily in any situation without the need for a support surface.

For what? Not only for mounting pin-tech bindings on skis, but also for the maintenance of the bindings, the processing of the edges and the insole.

With the inevitable reliability and design ATK Bindings, made entirely of aluminium and POM.

Workstation Top includes: lowtech binding attachment, rollers to stabilize the skis during processing, adjustable clamps (for skis with width in the middle from 60 to 140 mm), height adjustable pedestal and a practical bag to carry the tool anywhere, on any surface.

PLEASE NOTE: The skis on the workstation can be fixed with the tip facing right or left, so that the skiman keeps the direction of processing of the foil constant.

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