Materials: Alu 7075, Stainless Steel, POM

Materiali: Alu 7075, Acciaio Inossidabile, POM

Release: 4-9

Sgancio: 4-9

Adjustment: 20 mm

Regolazione: 20 mm

Ski brake: 86 mm, 91 mm, 97 mm, 102 mm, 108 mm

Ski Brake: 86 mm, 91 mm, 97 mm, 102 mm, 108 mm

Walking modes: Flat, +26 mm, + 40 mm

Modalità camminata: Flat, +26 mm, + 40 mm

Heel Elastic travel (E.R.S.): 10 mm

Elasticità talloniera (E.R.S.): 10 mm

Automatic Front Brake

Ski Brake frontale automatico


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The revolutionary front ski-brake for light ski mountaineers: lower release value and softer springs in the toe piece locker mechanism compared to Front 12.

CAM RELEASE SYSTEM® and ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM® guarantee the best performance.

Automatic Front Brake

Ten years ago ATK Bindings designed the first front brake system with the aim of creating a new standard in terms of functionality and ease of use. This was the first brake system that didn’t need to be locked during the up-hill mode and was always ready to brake the skis, any time that the boots weren’t inserted in the toe piece.
A kind of “limit” was represented by the need of double activation: once for the front locking lever and once for the brake activation. A new step forward has been obtained with the Front 12 binding and its characteristics have been handed down in the development of the Front 9: the brake is automatically recalled over the ski when the toe piece is set in walking mode simply by pulling the front locking lever of the binding. The same approach leads to recall the brake arms for the downhill mode: pulling up the front lever and immediately releasing it. The brake will automatically be released in case of fall-release or voluntary step out from the binding. The address of this new brake system is clear: pure ski mountaineering where simplicity of the design, ease of use also in extreme conditions and absolute functional reliability are required for a safe ride on the steepest faces.

80 – 108 mm
1000 – 1500 gr
User 30 – 70 kg

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Ski Brake

86 mm, 91 mm, 97 mm, 102 mm, 108 mm, 120 mm, 135 mm