MATERIALS: ALU 7075, Stainless Steel, POM
CATEGORY: Speed Touring
RELEASE: 4, 6, 8, 10
ADJUSTMENT: 30 mm Adjustment Plates included

> Always available
> Kevlar Core Leash / SRA Crampons Slot / R01 Plate included (+40 GR)

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Have you ever thought about a lightweight, strong and safe DEFINED RELEASE binding, able to eliminate any distance between you and the toughest downhills of the Alps? TROFEO PLUS starts a new era, where an extreme lightweight is combined with an astonishing structural solidity and a never-seen skiing performance.
This binding is integrated in the “SPEED TOURING” category, where the highest aspiration of the user is represented by quickly reach high peaks and go straight back down through steep couloirs.

TROFEO PLUS is sold in 4 different versions of fixed Vertical (My) and Side (Mz) release values; while purchasing. It is possible to choose between:

– “TROFEO PLUS 4”: VERTICAL and SIDE release value fixed on 4.
– “TROFEO PLUS 6”: VERTICAL and SIDE release value fixed on 6.
– “TROFEO PLUS 8”: VERTICAL and SIDE release value fixed on 8.
– “TROFEO PLUS 10”: VERTICAL and SIDE release value fixed on 10.

The accessories: Kevlar Core Leash, SRA Crampons Slot  and R01 Adjustment Plate are included in the binding.


• Easy Entry System: new toe geometry that optimizes the boot step-in, which results extremely reactive and powerful.
• Monolink Technology 1.0: one of the toe arms does not present springs, and provides an higher clamping stifness in addition to a lower weight.
• New Lever Design: the new front lever design provides a more comfortable activation of the same, adding a seat for the pole tip stabilization during the front release. The lever now presents a wider leash hooking hollow for a simplier insertion of the same.
• A simple, race-style, heel flap provides 3 walking modes: FLAT MODE, +37 mm and +45 mm by turning the heel of 180°.