Materials Alu 7075, Stainless Steel, POM

Materiali Alu 7075, Acciaio Inossidabile, POM

Vertical Release Hard Lateral Release 6-12

Sgancio Verticale Hard Sgancio Laterale 6-12

Adjustment 20 mm

Regolazione 20 mm

Optional Brake: Kuluar Brake Kit (SKKLRXXX)

Ski Brake Accessorio: Kuluar Brake Kit (SKKLRXXX)

Walking modes: Flat, +29 mm, +30 mm, +43 mm

Modalità camminata: Flat, +29 mm, +30 mm, +43 mm

2 Versions Available 9 LT, 12 LT

2 Versioni Disponibili 9 LT, 12 LT

Included: Kevlar® Core Leash (SBC02) + removable crampons slot (SRB)

Incluso Kevlar® Core Leash (SBC02) + removable crampons slot (SRB)



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An essential, innovative yet sturdy design. Combining the features of Trofeo with the flexibility of the Touring range with its adjustable side release.

Available in two versions, “LT” (which includes Kevlar® Core Leash) and “BRAKE” (with ski brakes), this binding presents 2 releases ranges:

  • Kuluar 9 LT/BRAKE with adjustable lateral release value ranging from 4 to 9. The vertical release is fixed and managed by the minimalistic “U” spring: this component is set in this configuration for medium to light-weight users.
  • Kuluar 12 LT/BRAKE with adjustable lateral release value ranging from 6 to 12. Again, the vertical release value is fixed and controlled by the “U” spring installed on the heel, but in this second configuration it is set for medium to heavy-weight users.

The heel piece is characterized by futuristic shapes offering an amazing look and an unmatched weight/reliability ratio.

No reductions on functionality presenting:

  • 4 walking modes with just one heel flap (Flat, +29 mm, +30 mm, +43mm).
  • 20 mm of boot adjustment thanks to the heel slide.
  • 10 mm of elastic travel of the heel part thanks to the Elastic Response System®, granting the natural ski flex, also in case of big jumps/compressions.

The toe part is inspired by the simplicity of our “Crest” collection and creates a perfect combination of lightness/reliability.

75 – 102 mm
800 – 1500 gr
User 50 – 90 kg

Additional information

Ski Brake

75 mm, 86 mm, 91 mm, 97 mm, 102 mm, 108 mm, 120 mm