Item Code: PTTRX

Codice Prodotto: PTTRX

Materials: Alu 7075, Stainless Steel, POM

Materiali: Alu 7075, Acciaio Inossidabile, POM

Release: 4,6,8,10

Sgancio: 4,6,8,10

Optional Ski Brake: Race Ski Brake (cod: SKRACE)

Ski Brake Accessorio: Race Ski Brake (cod: SKRACE)

4 Versions Available: Trofeo 4, Trofeo 6, Trofeo 8, Trofeo 10

4 Versioni Disponibili: Trofeo 4, Trofeo 6, Trofeo 8, Trofeo 10

News 2021: new colors

Novità 2021: nuovo colore



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The TROFEO closes the gap in the missing release value for race bindings. If you are a very light or a rather heavy (or strong) person, you might just have found the Holy Grail of “safety” and reliability at 145 grams.
Its availability in 4 versions create an excellent choice at the same time for young skiers, experienced racers and ski mountaineers looking for a versatile product distinguished by the unique ATK® quality.

TROFEO is sold in 4 different versions of fixed Vertical (My) and Side (Mz) release values:

– “TROFEO 4”: VERTICAL and LATERAL release value fixed on 4.
– “TROFEO 6”: VERTICAL and LATERAL release value fixed on 6.
– “TROFEO 8”: VERTICAL and LATERAL release value fixed on 8.
– “TROFEO 10”: VERTICAL and LATERAL release value fixed on 10.

TROFEO is also compatible with the new ultralight RACE SKI BRAKE (cod: SKRACE) for all race skis (< 70 mm) and  TOURING SKI BRAKE (cod: R15).


  • EASY ENTRY SYSTEM®: new geometry of the toe parts elements that makes the step-in easy and confident with any tech boot available on the market, even in case of worn out soles.
  • MONOLINK TECHNOLOGY 1.0®: the left arm of the toe part is fix, provides a weight reduction of 2,5 grams per toe part and improves stiffness. Lower pressure on the locking system with higher performances.
  • A simple, race-style, heel flap provides 3 walking modes: FLAT MODE, +37 mm and +45 mm by turning the heel of 180°.
  • The toe part fits with the SRA optional crampons slot.

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Release value

4, 6, 8, 10