Codice prodotto: XC-R12.XXX

Item Code: XC-R12.XXX

 Materials: Alu 7075, Stainless Steel, POM, 30% Carbon fiber

Materiali: Alu 7075, Acciaio Inossidabile, POM, Composito di Carbonio al 30%

Release: 5-12

Sgancio 5-12

Adjustment: 25 mm

Regolazione: 25 mm

Walking modes: Flat, + 27,5, + 30,+ 44, + 49 mm

Modalità camminata: Flat, +27,5, + 30, + 44, +49 mm

Heel elastic travel (E.R.S) : 12 mm

Elasticità talloniera (E.R.S) : 12 mm

New “Carbon” toe piece: Snow Pack Proof / Wider Drilling Pattern

Nuovo Puntale ” Carbon”: Snow Pack Proof ® / Foratura allargata   

Optional AL09 Freeride Spacer                                   

AL09 Freeride Spacer Accessorio


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ATK truly works unconventionally. While everywhere else “carbon” equals “light and fragile”, at ATK “carbon” means “bombproof structure” at the lowest weight. Innovation is the key ingredient.

C-RAIDER 12 is a new entry in the “RAIDER” family, meant to close the gap in between RAIDER 12 and CREST 10, both in terms of performance and market placement. Thanks to the innovative “carbon” toe piece a new standard in weight (305 gr only!!) has been set, super good performance (very similar to the R12) thus expanding and integrating ATK offer dedicated to free touring and allround enthusiasts. The heel part is the same than RAIDER 12 ( 5-12 release): The vertical release is performed by the CAM RELEASE SYSTEM® that provides an incredible boot retention, a soft heel step-in and the most stable downhill performances on the market; in the event of a big compression the ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM® allows a natural flex of the ski thanks to an elastic travel (12 mm). The Rear Ski Brake provides a great braking action with an astonishing ease of use and lightness. The MAGNET HEEL FLAP SYSTEM® provide a coverage of the different ascent degrees thanks to its 5 walking modes. The fully-adjustable Freeraide Spacer (cod: AL09) is available as an optional.

New “Carbon” toe piece
The new toe piece, made out with 30% carbon reinforced composite, represents a considerable news for ATK: the material performance (weight/stiffness ratio) and the innovative structural design, leaded to a weight reduction (compared to the RAIDER 12 toe piece, still with more simple locking system ), boosting performances and stability
at their maximum (compared to the speed touring toe pieces range, still considering around 10gr more in weight).


1000 – 1700 gr
80 – 120 mm

Additional information

Ski Brake

86 mm, 91 mm, 97 mm, 102 mm, 108 mm, 120 mm