Codice prodotto: R17

Item Code: R17

Colore: Nero

Color: Black

Compatibile con: Revolution Brake World Cup, SL Brake World Cup

Fits with: Revolution Brake World Cup, SL Brake World Cup


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Light and practical. The R17 adjustment plate is the latest accessory manufactured by ATK®️ and designed exclusively for Race bindings.
With the introduction of the ski brake in the ISMF (International Ski Mountaineering Federation) competitions, the company based in Fiorano Modenese decided to respond to this new demand by launching a 100% ALU7075 plate which allows sliding of the heel piece up to 30mm, making it possible to use the same ski with two different types of boots.
Same features of the R01 plate, but compatible with the brand new range of racing models equipped with ski brakes. No additional drilling is required.
Designed for providing the ideal support for the ski brake system fitted on the new racing heel piece, you can add RACE SKI BRAKE (code SKRACE) which allows an upgrade even for racing heel pieces which do not come with this safety device.
Weighing just 32 grams (45 gr including nuts and screws for heel installment) and with a maximum width of 50 mm, R17 is the flexible solution for those who want no compromises.

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