AL06 – Freeride Spacer for R12 M.y. 2016

WEIGHT: 30 gr
FITS WITH:  RAIDER 12 m.y. 2016
MATERIALS: Delrin, Pom

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AL06 is a micro-adjustable in thickness spacer, which can be installed on the adjustment plate of the heel part and equipped with an elastic slide in contact with the boot that, if properly calibrated, does not modify in any way the values of the lateral release of the binding!
AL06 is developed to optimize the transmission of impulses coming from the boot deleting the empty space between the sole of the boot and the top-sheet of the ski, as well as to directly transfer to the ski the vertical jumps loads without excessively stressing the boot structure.
AL06 has been developed for all those who want to get the most out from their equipment in any skiing condition: the sensibility in the ski-boot transmission reaches never before experienced levels; the imperceptible torsional and vertical movements that are escaped from the accuracy of our ROTATIONAL SYSTEM® are now deleted , in particular during the moments of larger loads on the system.
AL06 can be installed on the adjustment heel plate of RAIDER 12 M.Y. 2016 , where you can find a special interlocking seat for this spacer.