ATK x Bruno Compagnet: 48 hours of escape from reality

“Light and agile uphill, solid and precise downhill, original and unique in technique. Bruno Compagnet and ATK have always been the same thing. It’s just that neither of us knew it. Until yesterday.”

This is the promotional slogan of our recent partnership with Bruno, captivating and impactful, as required by the marketing rules and strategies. Behind these words, there is a memory, a dreamlike parenthesis in contrast with the concreteness of everyday life and independent by business and numbers.

A story about a shared passion for the mountains in all its forms. A concept made exponentially deeper in an historical period like this one, marked by restrictions and limitations that have led us to the discovery (or rediscovery) of what nature has always offered us in proximity: destinations that we had overshadowed because, perhaps, taken for granted, obvious, banal.

This concept of obviousness was certainly the most questioned: both for those who experience the mountains just as an escape from the daily routine, and for those who earn their income from the mountain itself. Each of us has found ourselves in a forced separation from what, basically, made us feel good and that allowed us to feel deeply ourselves.

These are the topics of discussion during the journey that will lead us, together with Bruno Compagnet and Layla Kerley, to the rediscovery, for us, and to the discovery, for them, of a pearl of the Apennines: Mount Cusna which, with its 2121 meters high, between the peaks of the northern Apennine arc, it is second only to Cimone.


Travelling is momentarily possible again and the mountains of our land are dressed at their best, shining and attracting our attention even more.

I can imagine that for Bruno and Layla, leaving the freshly fallen snow abundance in Chamonix must have been a difficult choice, but those who love the mountains have a sixth sense that drives them to always be in the right place to live worthy experiences that will persist in their memory.

The conditions of the Appenines finally decided to lean on our side offering us the perfect scenario for two days of pure enjoyment. Skinning up and then, pushed by gravity, drawing lines on untouched slopes, playing with those mountains that allowed to us, and all the other enthusiasts, to fully enjoy the natural dimension that we have been waiting for so long.

The ascents’ lenght are relatively short but the number of times we have repeated them makes me assume that these small peaks have been able to bewitch even those who, like Bruno, are used to descent from the most popular mountains. Perhaps the magic of our land is just like this: knowing how to amaze you, always, whether you come from afar, whether you are a local.

The climbs in these 48 hours of escape from reality continue to ring, as do the descents, and our imagination leads us to creative solutions seeking for new lines to follow, to go down, to go up again and repeat everything from the start.
The second day evening is not long in coming and each member of our group is ready to start over with his life.

The projects discussed with Bruno are many, the ideas, the common desires, the goals for the months to come: we decide to meet again as soon as possible, we don’t know where or when, maybe the mountain will decide it. After all, our relationship was born like this, from the deep passion for our environment and for the world in which we live. As we all know, a shared passionb can unite and bring together: it is perhaps already the time to wax the skis then and prepare for the next adventure.


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