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ATK® was born in 2007 in the heart of the famous Emilian Motor Valley, where innovation and high quality mechanical products are conceived, developed, manufactured and exported all over the world every day. In this fervent industrial fabric, GIMEC srl has been working for almost 20 years, a company specializing in high-precision machining, owned by the Indulti Family, a reality that gave birth to ATK®, immediately providing financial, technological and logistical support to this small innovative start-up. Thanks to family tradition and intense teamwork with an eye on innovation, ATK® has cleverly managed to seize and transform new market trends into opportunities, succeeding in establishing itself in every discipline and variant of ski mountaineering. ATK® was born with the aim of creating products that encompass all the acquired know-how, adopting new and increasingly innovative tools and techniques. An incomparable lightness together with high quality and functionality, immediately brought out the potential of ATK® bindings, in particular in the world of competitions, giving life to a product destined to offer the best performances ever. In the space of just two years after its birth, ATK® would have graduated from the world ski mountaineering champion, establishing itself as a real “must” for all the greatest champions. Starting from the high performance and quality standards required by the competitions, ATK® has expanded its horizons over the years, opening up, with reactivity and versatility, to the wider world of modern ski mountaineering and FREE-RIDE, studying innovative solutions and succeeding in breaking down, season after season, the weight of the products offered in the catalog, guaranteeing unparalleled performance in terms of lightness, reliability and performance.

Making bindings is our job,
excellence is our goal

Giovanni Indulti




Since its origins, ATK® has always had a special care for the environment and energy saving: the electricity used in the production of the bindings comes from a powerful photovoltaic system installed on the roofs of the production plant, while the Lighting is guaranteed by an innovative system of mirrors that conveys sunlight throughout the company, providing natural light for better working conditions and reducing electricity consumption, reducing its use only in dark periods. All night lighting is provided by strips of LEDs, with which old neon tubes have been replaced, thus reducing energy waste by 50%. The heating and cooling of the entire company is driven by an innovative system consisting of a three-cylinder methane engine, thanks to which a reduction of the 50% of costs and 80% of environmental impact, with an initial investment of almost three times that of a standard system. At the end of January 2016, a single system was installed that collects the hot air coming from production machinery, purifying it and distributing it in the various areas of the building almost totally eliminating any need for heating in the production plant.

ATK®’s latest challenge towards sustainable development began in 2018, thanks to the incentives provided for the 4.0 Industry Plan promoted by the property, which allowed the reduction of the paper used in the production process by 75% in just one year, with final goal is the complete elimination of the need for paper documents in internal manufacturing processes within the next 5 years.

This objective will be achieved thanks to the installation of over 20 touch screen monitors that will convey all the necessary data (input and output) to the internal production process, including technical drawings, production orders, quality control sheets, notes and much more.




Research, innovation and service are the keys that have opened over the years the door to success at ATK ®, which has been able to offer the market the right products at the right time, generating hundreds of technical developments in a very short time, as well as dozens of patents of which many extend globally, always and in any case oriented towards the search for perfection of performance and extreme lightness, the essence of modern ski mountaineering.

ATK is today one of the companies that has most contributed to revolutionize the world of ski mountaineering competitions and to significantly increase the level of technical materials in circulation by applying new alloys, new production systems based on increased resistance , practicality of use and, above all, a lightness never seen before, showing that Made in Italy is still an important added value today.