Discover the essence of the main patented ATK Bindings® systems and which ones have been applied on your next binding!


The U-shaped springs of ATK WORLD CUP heels are made of titanium. This metal provides incredible lightness, but is prone to wear and tear, with possible performance and loss of safety ratio. ROLLING-IN SYSTEM® has revolutionised this field: two small hardened steel bushings (0,4 mm wide) are applied to the front of the U-shaped spring, preventing wear and tear.

– 100% reduction of wear and tear, still granting the extreme lightweight of the titanium body.
– Easier and softer step-in and more stable vertical release thanks to the rolling bushings.


The CAM RELEASE SYSTEM® is fitted inside of our touring bindings heel parts in order to drive the boot step-in and vertical release in case of fall. A special CAM profile is pressed towards the heel pins by a pre-tensioned spring: when the step-in or a fall release occur, the pins are forced to go through the CAM profile which provides a precise resistance to the pin release, depending on the release value set on the binding.

– Provides the best downhill performance on the market, with consistent and unrivalled reduction of boot-torsion.
– Extremely precise release performance.
– Provides the easiest step-in heel in the sector.
– Compact dimensions and exceptionally light.


Skis flex when compressed or while jumping, thanks to ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM® the heel piece slides towards the tail and repositions itself once normal conditions are restored.

– Safeguards the natural flexibility of skis.
– Enhanced release mechanism in the event of falls.
– Reduces the pressure on the ski-boot-binding system.


An ingenious as simple magnet system provides the handling and stabilization of the heel flaps.

– Extremely light and comfortable heel flaps system.


A special design of the toe part that avoids any snow/ice/debris build-up under the hooking elements.

– No snow pack under the toe part, even with several up-hill/downhill transitions.
– Avoids snow loads on the toe part, granting a perfect lightness at any moment.


A multi-position selector is inserted between the front lever and the toe lug. By changing the setting of the selector, the stiffness of the toe-lug lock in up-hill mode can be adjusted by increasing pressure on the locking system.


The first ski brake for ski touring with automatic activation. When the toe part lugs are set on up-hill mode with the front levers, the ski-brake is automatically engaged and allows immediate release in the event of a fall.

– Automatic activation.
– Innovative design that optimizes the ergonomics in order to reduce the snow friction over the toe part while skiing.


This system is characterised by a new design of the toe part. A smooth step-in which is safe and easy to fit, available on all the latest models and effective even if the soles are worn.


The ATK Bindings® R&D TEAM selected a new aeronautical steel alloy that provides an extreme elastic modulus. Thanks to this special steel ATK Bindings® was able to erase the half of the toe springs (from 4 to 2) and create a fix left arm, the so called “MONOLINK® 1.0”.

– Weight reduction (2,5 grams per toe part).
– Stiffness increased. Lower pressure on the locking system with higher performances.


The adjustable settings of the heel release are now available for the toe part. The new toe part by ATK Bindings® features adjustable release settings and combined with the heel piece it delivers top class stability.

– Exceptional stabilisation and elasticity of bindings.
– Ideal setting of the toe part according to the characteristics of the skier.
– Balanced toe part and heel piece performance.


An extraordinary innovative system which requires no further action for activating the rear skibrake. The mechanism is automatically set and by switching from ascent to descent mode, the skibrake is activated without any further action.

– No additional action required for activation.
– Extreme reliability thanks to a limited number of components.
– Comfort and ease of use.