A complete and innovative range designed to satisfy the most demanding skiers, from the World Cup athlete to the most extreme freerider. An incomparable lightness combined with maximum quality and functionality for a unique and exclusive collection, destined to offer the best performances ever.

ATK Bindings® Patented Systems

Added Value, Innovation, Exclusivity

There is an adjective that qualifies our systems: patented.
Patent means added value, technology, exclusivity and the ability to satisfy the customer, guaranteeing a product of artisan value with high technical and engineering content. Research has always been the engine of our activity, through experimentation we find the answer to the needs of every ski mountaineer, both for the choice of materials and for the functionality of our products.

Made in Italy


Born from a genuine passion handed down from generation to generation, ATK Bindings® products have built their identity on excellence.

Dedication, innovation and extreme attention to every detail make our bindings a sublime expression of the italian manufacturing art. That makes all the difference and makes ATK Bindings® products unique.


Sustainable Technology

ATK Bindings® has always had, since its origins, a special eye for environmental protection, with the aim of creating a functional and energy-saving workplace. An attitude to innovation made of far-sighted, targeted and responsible investments in the name of a sustainable culture.


360° quality

The high quality of our products and the reliability of our after-sales service are the basis of our company’s fame and reputation.

The technical competence, the continuous professional updating of the technicians, the customization of the service and the rapidity of intervention are some of the points of strengths that have allowed us to win the trust of all those customers who require a reactive, effective and resolving service.