Platte für Vermietung 60 mm




Item Code: R04

Codice Prodotto: R04

Color: Black

Colore: Nero

Adjustment:over 60mm

Regolazione: oltre 60 mm

Materials: Alul

Materiale: Ergal 


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R04 plate has been designed for rental use, when ultra rapid adjustments are needed. Thanks to this plate it will be possible to translate the heel up to 60 mm. This accessory can be uses with ATK bindings produced after 2010.

R04 plate is the solution for achieving remarkable and ultra-rapid adjustments of the heel part on the ski; in fact, this product was created with the aim of fulfilling the requests for rental use:

– Ultra-fast adjustment;

– Remarkable adjustment: over 60 mm.

This accessory fits with all ATK® bindings produced after 2010 and their incredible weight of only 70 grams make it perfectly usable even for the end user.